codis adventuresCodi’s Adventures, Canada, My ‘Furever’ Home


Codi’s Adventures, Canada, My ‘Furever’ Home, 4th book authored by Norma Nicholson, is a children’s picture book.

Codi tells his story in his book: Hi, my name is Codi. I am a Canadian Citizen. This is my second book in which I tell you about my adventures since I came to Canada. I am so doggone excited, it is hard to know where to start.

Read my book to find out the answers to your questions and why I am so excited!



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Author: Norma Nicholson, RN BA MA

Educator, speaker and youth expert


Young Lives on the Line: You can make a difference

Young Lives on the LineMedia Release

Have you ever dreamt that someday there would be no more children or youth that are caught up in the youth justice system? If your answer is yes, you will really like this book!

Each day the news presents alarming numbers of negative reports about at-risk children and youth who are involved in the youth justice system. There is another side to these negative stories that look only at the signs and symptoms of the inappropriate behaviour and problems that we see.

This book looks beyond and deeper into the root causes to find out why the problems and behaviour exist and provides the tools which, when used early in the lives of our young people, will decrease and eventually eliminate these challenges. The book brings a new perspective to how we should view these challenges, explains why we must explore the root causes and how to readily apply the tools to the situations. It is very important that society as a whole stop addressing the signs and symptoms. Should this pattern continue there would be no chance for these at -risk children and youth to unlock their potential to become the best that is desired of each individual in our society.

How many individuals take the time to look beyond any inappropriate behaviour that is seen in our young persons? The root causes are the factors that place them in the paths of delinquency. Areas such as inadequate health care, homelessness, poverty, abuses, traumas, negative parenting practices, childhood illnesses, mental illnesses, and learning disabilities, impact their lives tremendously. Some parents lack parenting skills, while others are unable to provide the basic daily living needs due to unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, addictions, drug abuse and poor living environments.

Did you know that a youth could have an earlier diagnosis of a mental illness in youth custody than in the community? How is this possible? Some families do not know how to access supports in a timely manner and others do not even know where to start to seek help for their children. Others buy into the stigma and discrimination around some types of illnesses and will not seek help for their children.

This book is designed to engage society in making a difference, especially parents, schools, health care services, police services, government of all levels, organizations that work with children and youth and funding agencies. Through the life stories of the author and six youth that are living in the community, the reader gains much insight into why the root causes are not readily seen or even investigated.

The contents of the book will impact and change lives one at a time. You can make a difference! Remember that when infants are born, there is no manual that instructs parents on every step to be used to ensure healthy children that will become productive adults. Do not allow your past to define your future; start now.

Author: Norma Nicholson, RN BA MA

Educator, speaker and youth expert


Young Lives on the Line is making a difference by impacting lives!


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Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes


New Book

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Author: Norma Fay Nicholson


For forty years, Norma Nicholson walked the hallways and corridors of health care facilities, putting miles of wear on sensible shoes and changing countless lives. Her new book “Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes: A Nurse Looks Back at her Vocation”, reveals the many stories, conflicts and issues unfolding within hospital walls, from humorous and touching vignettes to challenges with bullying from supervisors.


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Canada My Furever Home

This is the launch of Codi’s first in a series of books titled Canada My Furever Home. Codi is a Poodle that was adopted from the killing line in  South Korea. His adopted mom, Norma has shared real amazing and adventurous events that have unfolded in this pet’s life since he came to Canada. She is inviting you to read his story, share with children and send requests for updates you would like written about Codi each year. Canada, My Furever Home can be purchased for as little as $10 with drop off to your home or mailed.