Did you read the reports in the Toronto Star during mid December 2014? There are far more minority children in the care of the CAS than any other group. Now why is this happening… a great GAP exists due to divers cultural factors. Many of these have already been examined in the reports. Here are some of my suggestions for changes and I am an expert due to managing healthcare in youth custody with many children from the CAS, being homeless as an infant, homeless as a youth, illiterate until age 10, suffered horrendous abuse and is alive to share my story and know that I have beaten the odds to become a very respectful Canadian citizen with a post graduate university degree, authoring and marketing “Young Lives on the Line” and making a real impact on the lives of youth and their families.

1. Parents/ guardians: seek help for your children from family/ good friends/ school/ religious affiliation/ community centres/ services that are provided for families before contacting CAS

2. Whether your child is doing well in school or not, connect with the school and the teacher, demonstrate your interest in assisting to grow success in your child. Learn with your children.

3. Be sure that your family doctor does not only an annual physical check up for your child but a mental one also. Your child should also have a minimum of two visits to the dentist each year and a visit to the audiologist and optometrist at least once every five years.

4. View fear or failure as opportunities… do not be afraid to ask for help to support your children. You were not given a manual when they were born.

5. Spend your time wisely… take time to be with your children… have a purpose, have a goal. You cannot go wrong if you love your children with all your heart!