Norma is available to help families understand and navigate youth, teens and young adults.  Here are some examples below of common topics.

Youth and Suicide: A Very Sensitive Topic

Why discuss youth and suicide when there is no way for others to know if they are planning to commit suicide! 

If you do know, there is a myth, which says, “Do not talk about suicide as this will give young people the idea or permission to do so”. 

Do you know about these myths vs. the truths! 

The truth saves lives especially in this high -risk group.

Would you know if you are successful in parenting your child?

Note that research has shown that children and youth admitted to custodial facilities tend to have higher rates of physical and psychological health problems than the general population of youth.

Those in conflict with the law are often, characterized by multiple forms of familial, socio-economic and academic disadvantages.


The Power of Words 

Your words can be the most powerful drug in the world.

Negative words can be very harmful especially to your children.

As a parent you hold a lot of influence on your children’s lives. Since birth, children look to their parents for feedback and guidance, as a way to learn and figure out the complicated world around them.

Are you able to engage in tough conversations with your teens?

You have the ability to move the focus of your teen’s behaviour to your action. Have you ever heard yourself say, “You stayed out past your curfew and you are grounded for a week”. Was there a positive outcome for you and your son/ daughter? Did this response seem controlling which left both of you unhappy? There is a much better way to succeed.

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