Would you attend a discussion group or workshop to learn appropriate responses?

A Mother’s Story

My name is Martha and my only son Harry is 16 years old. I am so proud of his accomplishments in school, sports and community volunteer work. For the past four weeks, he does not want to go to school. His homework is partially completed, and he has much difficulty waking when his alarm goes off each morning. I thought it is flu season and he was coming down with an infection.

I ask him why this is happening, and he said, “mom I don’t know”. I am busy at work so don’t have much time to sit with a teenager during my work week. We made a decision to sit and talk on Saturday morning, so he did not go to school on Friday.

There are so many things going around in my mind and none is positive. What if my son is being bullied, what if he is failing some grades and do not want me to know, what if he has parted ways with his girlfriend and what if he is becoming ill? I prepared myself to ask him all these questions when we sit down at breakfast on Saturday.

Harry’s dad died when he was only ten years old. We both attended grief counselling as this was so traumatic for us. My husband was killed by a drunk driver!

How would you prepare for this discussion with your son?