Put your teen on track to success with these proactive tips!

Teens of today are very bright, intelligent & smart. So what is your plan for your teens to help them move into their future successfully?

Have you heard teenagers of today present many challenges within their families & school settings? All parents desire their children to grow into productive & responsible young adults, however the teen’s rapidly growing & changing brain often presents challenges, which are to be welcomed. Be assured that those who have experienced love, mentoring, coaching & given opportunities to grow into healthy young adults, do not present negative challenges in their world.

So here are 10 tips to keep your teen on track!

1. Parents Are In Charge

Teens need to see their parents or guardians as the ones who are in charge. This is very different from being controlling. Some parents believe that it is important that their teens see them as friends but this is not necessary. What they want to see from those who love them is that regardless of their mood and behaviours, they can relax knowing that they can rely on parents to get through the challenging moments of their lives.

2. Have Difficult Conversations

Areas such as drinking, taking drugs and engaging in sex are often very difficult for parents to discuss. Establish and develop a rapport with your teen in their early years so that you can engage them in these difficult conversations. Be careful not to jump in with solutions.

3. Role Model Behaviour

Live like your teens are watching because they are. They are highly influenced by your moods and behaviour. As much as we would like to lecture and advise our teens, the true lessons we teach them are embedded in our actions.

4. Goals & Purpose

When teens lack direction, there is no path to follow. Teens may not know right away what they want to do with their lives but there are endless possibilities. Do not be surprised if they change their minds after you have assisted to work through a direction.

5. Solving Problems

They learn by doing, so it is okay to make mistakes. Challenge your adolescents to resist the temptation to project potential problems into the future or dwell on troubles from the past. Equip them to deal effectively with challenges in the present.

6. Active Listening

Our teens want to tell us the truth and they deeply need to feel that their views matter. Ask your teens about their dreams and listen to their responses, this will help them achieve more.

7. Ensure Annual Medical Assessment Includes Mental Health Assessment

Parents ensure that your teens are healthy in a holistic way: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological.

8. Help Them Live Life with Joy, Resilience & Authenticity

When children from an early stage grow up knowing that they can live through sadness and frustration, they become capable of tremendous resourcefulness and resolve as teens. They become flexible and more easily adaptable to changes. Parents do demonstrate gratitude in your daily lives and you will cultivate a natural sense of appreciating things in your adolescents’ lives.

9. Encourage Reaching Outside of Themselves

Respecting and helping others bring purpose and meaning to your teens lives. This can be achieved through engaging in sports, mentoring and coaching others and giving of volunteer time. These activities will enhance empathy, caring, sharing and capacity to love.

10. Remember That You Were Not Given a Manual of How to Raise Your Adolescents

Embrace life-long learning; ask for help when you do not know the answer, say you will find out. There are many resources available for teens; just reach out to find the answers.


Written By Norma Nicholson, RN,BA, MA (Ed)