Educational SpeakerNorma Nicholson is available for speaking engagements.  She is a passionate speaker who can speak on a variety of child education and youth topics not limited to the list below.


“Young Lives on the Line is making a Difference” by Positively Impacting Lives through education!

A curriculum can be developed for any of these topics to deliver short education sessions, two – three hour workshops or a full day seminar


  • Proactive ways to support your teen to be successful
  • Proactive methods to keep at-risk children and youth out of the Youth Justice System
  • Engage in tough conversations with your children
  • The negative impacts on the lives of children living in poverty
  • The impacts on the lives of children living in dysfunctional environments
  • Give children everything they ask for and see the results
  • Strategies for managing challenging behaviours in children
  • Parental help for “Youth in Crisis: A Time to Act”
  • Do you know if you are being bullied and where to obtain help
  • Collaborating with educators to build a welcoming classroom
  • Don’t allow past baggage to hold you back “Rise Up, Rise Above”
  • Do not allow your past to dictate your future
  • Why mental illnesses require early diagnosis
  • Youth are like sticks of dynamite; power on the inside, nothing happens until the fuse gets lit
  • Early intervention for children is the most cost effective way to prevent poor outcomes
  • Debunk the Myth that only bad children are incacerated
  • Five big mistakes parents make when they give their children everything
  • Specific mental illnesses… these are only examples
    • ADHD
    • Support children who do not want to attend school
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Mental health first aid
  • Develop winning resumes, prepare and manage interviews effectively
  • Learn what to do post interview and the first 90 days on the job
  • Elder Abuse: prevent, manage and become aware of community supports
  • Violence against women must stop; learn how


Available seven days/ evenings for education sessions: community spaces or your home



Norma Nicholson RN BA MA (Ed)

Published author, educator, speaker and youth and adult mental health

Tel: 905-272-1406             n.nicholson.a805@rogers.com