At Risk Youth “As a society we must delve into the root causes of problems and behaviours seen in at risk children and  youth”
How many individuals take the time to look beyond any inappropriate behaviour that is seen in a youth? The root causes of the behaviour are the factors that place them in the path of delinquency.
How is it that some children who are born in abject poverty, suffer horrible abuses and homelessness can become role models. While others who endure the same horrible situations, live very unproductive lives.

“I have an unwavering passion to collaborate and form partnerships with like minds who want to ensure that at- risk youth reach their potential.”



Young Lives on the Line

You can make a difference

bookHave you ever dreamt that someday there would be no more children or youth that are caught up in the youth justice system?

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**New Book: Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes: A nurse looks back at her Vocation- released March 31, 2017

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